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An Amano Ginji POV (I suppose).


Did I really betray my friends?
Have I left to forsake them?

I know I made the right decision
It is for the sake of everyone

Nothing can make me leave
This is how I should live

"Reitei" they used to call me
A leader of Volts whom they feared

But I no longer am the Thunder Emperor
For I have forsaken the way of terror

Peace is what I wish to pursue
No fights, no tyranny, just harmony

I shall keep to live this way
Yet let not my comrades' belief sway

For I am Amano Ginji
A friend whom my partner calls 'silly'

I just made it last night while waiting for my hair to get dry. It was late at night so my thoughts were dullard. Sorry. I'm thinking of posting/submitting this to FanFiction.Net, what do you think? =3

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