Midou Ban (midou_ban) wrote in dakkanya,
Midou Ban


:: Pokes for signs of life. :: >>;

Okay, once I figure out who's alive, I want to make an mIRC channel so we can all hang out together, chat amongst one another, and role-play. Your thoughts? :D
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I think that's a good idea. I'd like to know where the other RPers are located, though, to get an idea of what time would be good for everyone.

And I'll start on the website if you want me to. I just need the RP groups name? Is it Dakkanya, or what? I know it's a stupid question...but I honestly don't know. Lol.
... I never thought of a name. xD

But yeah, let's go with Dakkanya. :D
One thing that might be better than using mIRC, which is a program I never want to have to touch again, would be AIM, ICQ or MSN. Just a suggestion. ^^

mIRC = eats my brain. I'm too stupid for it. All that my tiny brain can take is AIM.

But yes, I live! Although sadly, right now, it's midterm season for me, so I won't be around much. >_> ::lucks out that MakubeX isn't that social a character, anyways xD;; ::


Yeah, I think AIM or MSN would be easier to use too. MIRC is good for downloading, but I don't really like chatting there.

AIM - ilyachan
MSN - ilya_chan@hotmail.com
Hm, I don't know. :x AIM seems to be preferred . . . I guess we might do that.

There's also, the option of a message board. But of course, I'm poor and can't afford hosting, so I set up this ring of livejournals. =x

There ARE free message board services out there. Network54 was the last one I used, but that was quite a while ago. Just letting you know in case. ::shrugs::

Oh, and I suck at making icons.. lol.

My AIM username can be found at tofupok's profile. ^^