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Might as well try...

I noticed that Ginji Amano was still up for grabs, or, at least it said that the character had not yet been claimed according to the userinfo. I hope that that still happens to be the case. Otherwise, well, just ignore me, delete the post and call me a monkey. Wait. Don't call me a monkey. o_o I am not a monkey. I AM A BANANA!

WACKY ANTICS Roleplay Sessions
(I am Ginji Amano. inami is Ban Midou.)

Journal Entry
(Written in first person view.)
You know, I realized this morning that sometimes it's nice to live in a car... when it's not parked under trash. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't want to for the rest of my life and certainly wouldn't say no to a warm bed, but this morning, I think I appreciated that... er... cramped little space, even though my legs were asleep and I had somehow managed to twist my arm behind my back in my sleep.

I looked out the window and got to see the sun rise. It's not a big thing, I guess, to most, but to me... well. I liked it. You never did get to see the sun rise much in Mugenjou, for instance. The Lower Town wasn't exactly in shadows, but all you really saw when looking up was the monstrous tower where Babylon City rested high on top. I wonder, having just thought about it, if the people in Babylon City think of sunrises in the same sense that everyone else in Tokyo does? Are they like the people in Lower Town and unable to see it, too? If not, they don't know what they're missing!

Maybe I'll ask Ban-chan about it later. ...Like when he wakes up, notices that the car was towed and we somehow managed to spend the night in the impound lot without being thrown out. I wonder if they'll charge us extra for that? The clerk at the desk sure is nice and pleasant all the time. Ban-chan'll probably be screaming and yelling, again. I wonder if I'm allowed to have another mint. I don't think there'll be any breakfast today... or tomorrow. ...Maybe I should ask for more than one.
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